Andrew Stanton Storytelling

How can you use wonder in film?

How can you include experiences from your life into a story/film?
-Each story leads to a single goal.
-Story’s allow similarities between other people.
-Make them care.
-Story’s allow you to express yourself.
-At beginning, show a promise/lead that the story will get somewhere and will be worth your time.
-“Storytelling without dialogue”
-Humans wants to put their own things together: They want to figure stuff out on their own.
-Change is fundamental in a story.
-“we’re always learning.”
-Storytelling has guidelines, not rules
-Must like your main character
-Constant/strong theme in every story.
-“Can you evoke wonder?”
-Use what you know, including things from your experiences.

In storytelling, each story there is a constant, strong theme under all the little stories and conflicts in film. It’s all about making the audience care and evoking wonder, making “promises” to the audience that something is bound to happen. Using what you know and honest experiences that has happened in your life gives the audience wonder.